Dents can be a common occurrence for many vehicle owners. Try as we may to protect our cars from suffering auto body damage, it’s often unavoidable. By being aware of what types of incidents occur you can however, put yourself in a better position to be equipped to avoid them.

These are 7 most common causes of dents to your vehicle.

Shopping Trolleys

Supermarket store parking lots can often be a playground for careless and unaware pedestrians who end up denting your car. Shopping trolleys cause more dents in cars than anything else. Be sure to park away from other cars, as well as shopping trolley areas to avoid any unwanted dents and dings.

Leisure Equipment

Sports injuries aren’t just restricted to humans. Your vehicle can be just as susceptible to a dent, caused by a misplaced kick of a ball by a group of kids playing together. A single bad throw or kick, can be the cause of a dent that needs repairing. It’s important to ensure that you park your car away from high risk areas where people are playing sports so as to minimise the chances of an accident occuring.

Car Doors

Another good reason why you should park away from other vehicles is that other car doors can often be the reason for auto body dents. Whether it’s intentional or not, people can often open their doors carelessly and slam them into your car door. Whenever possible, it’s always better to park in an empty parking lot or away from other vehicles to avoid any door to door damage.

Hail Storms

Heavy hail and windstorms can cause severe damage to even the toughest of vehicles. It can be impossible to avoid hail storms at all times, so if you do have the opportunity to park in a covered area or garage, it’s a good idea to do so.

If you find yourself at a place that doesn’t offer any shelter, then you may not have any other choice but to leave your vehicle where it is. In situations such as this, you can only hope for the best and expect a few dents regardless of how fast the hail falls.

Fallen Tree Branches

Adverse weather conditions like hail and windstorms, not only cause damage directly to vehicles. Bad weather has a tendency to disturb the general environment and can cause a tree branch to fall onto your vehicle.

Fallen tree branches are certain to cause significant damage, so be sure to check that branches are healthy, if you park under a tree. Besides dents and dings, a fallen tree branch can cause plenty of nasty scrapes and other damage to your car paint.

Road Debris

When driving on roads and highways, sticks, stones and garbage can easily find a way to become airborne and fly at your vehicle from any direction unexpectedly. Auto body damage can be apparent, following an encounter with roadworks or when driving down an unpaved road. It’s a good idea, to try and reroute yourself in these situations and find another way to get to where you want to go. Any roads that are under construction will be used by other motorists, meaning road debris could be catapulted into your car via another vehicle.

Tight Parking Spaces

Similar to when parking next to another vehicle, if you’re having to squeeze your vehicle into a tight parking space, it’s best to avoid it.

Whether you’re trying to squeeze into a parking space, make a tight turn or parallel park, you increase your chances of denting your car by possibly hitting something. Be sure to keep plenty of room around your vehicle, when in motion and parked, to avoid any dents.

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