If you’re hit by a damp musty smell every time you get into your car, today’s your lucky day!

We’ve found these fantastic tips to make getting into your car a more pleasant experience. However, before you attempt any of these remedies – it might pay to check that the damp is not caused by an ongoing water leak [windscreen seal, door seal or elsewhere] – otherwise, the damp and smell will simply return!

1. If the  carpet of your car is wet / damp, take a towel and blot the excess moisture. Then use a blow dryer and aim it at this spot inside the car. This will allow the hot air to dry up the moisture underneath the seat.

2. If the floor mats or any other removable parts of your car have been affected by the moisture, you can easily just remove them and place them in the dryer with fabric softener or let it dry naturally in the sun.

3. With sunny days coming, the easiest solution could be to simply leave the car doors open on sunny days. This will let the moisture dry and your car will receive a thorough airing out! The heat from the sun will hopefully evaporate all the excess moisture that you can’t get rid of by yourself.

4.Try baking soda. Simply sprinkle on the areas where there is moisture or mould. Allow the baking soda to seep into the carpet and then vacuum the excess baking soda afterwards.

5. Fill a small bowl with white vinegar. Place the bowl on the floor of your car. Let it sit overnight in the car to further absorb the odour.

6. After drying the designated areas, you can apply an anti-mildew solution, odour absorber, or enzyme cleaner. There are several products available on the market for this purpose.

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