Check-out 5 of the world’s most expensive cars!

Got a lazy million or two saved up? Let’s go shopping! Porche 918 Spyder.  Price: $1,100,000 [AUD] estimate. Limited to only 918 units, you aren’t just buying the 918 Spyder, you are also buying the chance to be on the exclusive Porsche VIP client list who will have access to purchase all other Porsche supercars … Continued

Got a damp, musty smell in your car? Try these!

If you’re hit by a damp musty smell every time you get into your car, today’s your lucky day! We’ve found these fantastic tips to make getting into your car a more pleasant experience. However, before you attempt any of these remedies – it might pay to check that the damp is not caused by … Continued

Hands up who wants to save petrol?

Here’s some tips you may not have considered! With petrol one of the largest costs of running your vehicle, any small savings soon adds up to big savings! Most people think that the effort required to save fuel to a significant level is beyond them. However, there are a number of small things you can … Continued

Let's save fuel & $$ !!

Have you overlooked this important safety device?

When it comes to your safety while driving, your headlights play an important role. At night, they show you the way, and at other times, they can be used as an early warning devise to other cars, especially in low visibility driving conditions including cloudy, foggy, grey, wet conditions plus during dusk and dawn. The … Continued

headlights = safety

The most popular car colour this year is…

The most popular car colour of 2016 isn’t white, or silver. The most popular colour won’t make road safety advocates too happy, because car buyers are increasingly choosing black paint for their new vehicle. Here’s a breakdown of the colour’s popularity in the UK so far in 2016: Black is the most popular colour in … Continued

car colour

Are electric vehicles a serious option yet?

Most of the leading car manufacturers are producing electric vehicles (EV) however, many of these are not available in Australia. We’ve identified a number of reasons of the slow take-up – and they’re probably not the ones you’re thinking of!

Electric vehicle

Are there really more cars on our roads?

Almost ever driver has muttered this “The roads are getting busier”. But are there really more cars on our roads? The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently released their report relating to vehicles which were registered at 31 January 2015. Today, we present a snapshot of the results for you! We’ll start with the big question: … Continued

Review: Self-parking. Is it for you?

Parking is one of the biggest concerns for drivers. Thankfully, more cars today include “Self-parking” technology. But, it this a help or hindrance? Basically, most parking systems engage when slow down below a set speed, usually less than 20km/h. The driver then sets the system on so it looks for spaces.  When it finds a … Continued

This is pretty dangerous!

The UK’s Daily Mail recently reported that nearly HALF of women apply make-up behind the wheel. This dangerous habit is believed to cause as many as 450,000 car accidents A YEAR. According to a poll of 1,000 women by semi-permanent make-up specialist Debra Robson: 43% admitted putting on their face while driving cars on the … Continued

Dangerous habits

What to do (and not to do) after an accident

Being involved in a car accident is more than an inconvenience – it’s a major frustration. Even the most careful and skilled drivers, have accidents. Thanks to the latest safety inclusions in today’s cars – hopefully, you’ll be alright. To reduce the stress and inconvenience to you, here’s our tips on what you should do … Continued

Auto parking – can you trust it?

Auto parking is essentially a combination of modern electric steering systems and radar sensors. “Electric steering systems are there for energy efficiency,” Peter Evans, Lexus’s local communications head and former product planning boss, told “And the radar sensors are there for safety, in adaptive cruise systems. When those technologies appeared side by side in … Continued

Easy DIY’s to bring back that “new car feeling”

We often say that our repair services helps restore “That new car feeling”… but what if you want that new car feeling and you haven’t had an accident! Never fear. Here’s some DIY tips that are easy and can help bring back that “new car feeling” for your car – without splashing out the big … Continued

Replacement vehicle vs. Courtesy car

When you bring your vehicle to us for repairs, one of our key focuses is ensuring any inconvenience to you is minimised. One of the many ways we do this is to offer a “Luxury Replacement Vehicle” or “Free Courtesy Car”, at no cost to you, during your repairs. What is the difference between these … Continued

Replacement vehicles and courtesy cars

What does your car colour really say about you!?

When you think of your dream car – is it racing red? Black, silver or another colour? In reality, most cars are variants of white, silver and grey – simply because these are considered classic colours that won’t date quickly. You’re not imagining it. Almost every second car today appears to be silver. Any why … Continued

The dirty truth behind a really clean car!

One of the first things customers notice when they collect their repaired vehicle from us – is that it’s clean. REALLY clean! (That’s because we give it a thorough interior and exterior clean). The next question we’re often asked is “What did you use? How can I keep it this clean?” Today, we’re giving you … Continued

Cars and fashion – a long legacy

Cars have inspired designers across the globe since the day they became a mainstream reality. Notable examples include Dior’s S/S01 vintage cars-inspired prints, Prada’s S/S12 candy-infused, cartoon car collection and Carven’s A/W13 show featuring suspended cars and headlights. But collaboration works both ways: Mercedes-Benz has become a regular fashion week sponsor and Porsche carved itself a spot in fashion heaven with … Continued

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