What does your car colour really say about you!?

When you think of your dream car – is it racing red? Black, silver or another colour? In reality, most cars are variants of white, silver and grey – simply because these are considered classic colours that won’t date quickly. You’re not imagining it. Almost every second car today appears to be silver. Any why … Continued

The dirty truth behind a really clean car!

One of the first things customers notice when they collect their repaired vehicle from us – is that it’s clean. REALLY clean! (That’s because we give it a thorough interior and exterior clean). The next question we’re often asked is “What did you use? How can I keep it this clean?” Today, we’re giving you … Continued

Cars and fashion – a long legacy

Cars have inspired designers across the globe since the day they became a mainstream reality. Notable examples include Dior’s S/S01 vintage cars-inspired prints, Prada’s S/S12 candy-infused, cartoon car collection and Carven’s A/W13 show featuring suspended cars and headlights. But collaboration works both ways: Mercedes-Benz has become a regular fashion week sponsor and Porsche carved itself a spot in fashion heaven with … Continued

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