If you’ve had a minor traffic accident or suffered hail damage, it may be tempting to perform the dent repair yourself. After all, a DIY job means you won’t lose your no-claim bonus or be left out of pocket for a professional fix.

But unless you’re a seasoned smash repair specialist with state-of-the-art equipment at hand, it’s unwise to take on the job alone. Dent repairs are exceptionally complex, and a substandard fix will do more harm than good.

In this post, we cover five reasons why you shouldn’t repair a vehicle dent yourself.

DIY Repair Kits Are Expensive and Unreliable

The stock-standard approach is to purchase a DIY repair kit and follow its instructions at home. However, there are two significant drawbacks to this method.

First off, a decent DIY repair kit isn’t all that cheap. If you were to use it frequently, then you may get some value out of the investment. But for the typical one-off user, a good quality kit is only a little cheaper than a professional repair.

For this reason, many DIYers opt for a budget dent repair kit instead. But like all things in life, you get what you pay for—these low-cost options almost always deliver subpar results.

The Process Isn’t Beginner-Friendly

Even if you’ve invested in the best DIY kit money can buy, you’ll quickly learn autobody repair work is no easy feat. The “simple-to-follow” instructions you saw advertised on the packaging will turn out to be immensely complicated, often requiring special equipment and pre-existing skills.

It takes decades of industry experience to become an effective autobody repairer—it’s not something you can learn overnight. Even if you do succeed in working through the steps, chances are the process will take longer than expected, and you’ll obtain unsatisfactory results.

It Will Likely Take a Long Time

With the right tools, a professional panel beater can quickly fix a dent to make it look like new. The precise timeframe varies depending on complexity, but most jobs get finished on the very same day.

When you try to DIY, on the other hand, you can expect a long, drawn-out process. Without years of panel beating experience under your belt, you could spend days or multiple weekends getting the job done right.

In any case, wouldn’t you rather be doing something more enjoyable with your precious free time than slaving away in the garage?

A Subpar Repair Job Will Look Unsightly

Not only is DIY dent repair a frustrating, long-winded process, but it rarely achieves satisfactory results. Even the best repair kits will never fully flatten a dent, leaving behind a noticeable gouge for the whole world to see.

If you’re driving a beat-up old car and you’re not particularly concerned about aesthetics, then a second-rate DIY repair job could suffice. But if you’re proud of the pristine appearance of your prized automobile, then it’s well worth getting a professional to get the job done right.

Besides, a proper repair job is about more than just appearances. A partly repaired dent or panel damage will subtract significantly from the resale value of your ride. When it comes time to upgrade, you’ll end up regretting your decision to DIY.

You Won’t Get a Colour-Matching Service

A DIY repair kit can supply a similar colour, but it’ll rarely be precisely the same shade. As a result, under most light conditions, you’ll easily be able to spot the botched repair job.

But when you get a dent repair job from us, we offer a high-tech colour match car paint service to ensure an unblemished result.

The process involves scrubbing the panel with an abrasive paste to remove contaminants then using a custom-built computer to scan the surface and determine the precise shade. We then source the correct variant and blend the new paint into the panel to achieve a flawless finish.

Why You Should Contact Brighton Panel Works

If you’re looking for an Auto body shop in Brighton or panel beaters in Melbourne, get in touch with the team at Brighton Panel Works today. Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to obtain a flawless finish every time, guaranteed.

And to make life easier, we also offer a replacement vehicle to keep you on the road while you wait.