Due to their abrasive and acidic nature, bird droppings can severely damage the paintwork of your car.

If left to fester, the high pH level (3.5 to 4.5 on average) found in avian excrement will cause it to burn through the clear coat and potentially eat away at your paint. High temperatures and excess UV exposure expedite the process—corrosion begins quickly on a hot day.

Worse still, its thin consistency causes bird droppings to splatter over a wide area, especially when the automobile is moving at speed.

Unless you want to risk permanent damage to your precious ride, you need to mop up the mess fast. In this article, we cover six simple ways you can safely clean bird droppings from your car.

Disclaimer: the following methods may not be suitable for anything other than automotive paintwork. We recommend using appropriate PPE (gloves, goggles, and a mask) with cleaning any type of animal excrement.


A powerful multi-purpose product, this popular spray-on lubricant works well at removing caked-on droppings from your paintwork. Simply spray a small sample onto the affected area and start scrubbing away with a soft sponge.

WD40 doesn’t react well with heat or sunlight, so get the job done undercover on a cool day. Also, as it’s not a purpose-built automotive product, you should thoroughly wash it off once you’re done, preferably with a pH balanced car shampoo.

Baking Soda and Hot Water

A well-known ‘old school’ method for dealing with wayward bird droppings is to use a soluble concoction of bicarbonate soda and hot water.

Pour one litre of hot water (straight from the tap will do, no need to boil the kettle) into a spray bottle and add four tablespoons of bi-carb soda to the mix. Shake well and spray the solution onto the affected area, then let it soak for 10 minutes or so.

Once the formula has had time to dissolve the droppings, spray it down with fresh water. Don’t try and wipe it off first because its abrasive nature could scratch your car.

Clay Decontamination Products

Automotive detailers have long been using clay decontamination products to remove all sorts of unsightly stains, including bird droppings.

Contrary to the name, these potent products don’t contain any actual clay, but rather a mix of absorbent materials like synthetic resins and polymer rubber. Its elastic nature allows the product to squeeze into tight crevices, making it practical for hard-to-reach places.

Opt for a soft or mild variant in the style of your choice: either bars, mitts or towels. Wash and dry your car, then spray a few squirts of clay bar lubricant onto the affected area. Next, gently glide your chosen media back and forth over the stain. Once you’re happy with the result, rinse the panel with fresh water and leave it to dry.

Spray-On Dropping Remover

Specially designed spray-on dropping removers are popular within the pet industry as a hassle-free way to clean out a birdcage. These robust yet non-corrosive products also work well at cleaning droppings from an automotive surface without damaging the clear coat.

Spray the substance onto the dropping and allow it to sit for 10 minutes to soften the dried faecal matter. Wash down the surface with your hose and let the car dry naturally.

Bird Dropping Car Wipes

Another effective custom-built product is the bird dropping car wipe. These soft bamboo fibre towels have been specially designed to break down hardened droppings without altering the composition of the paint underneath.

Although a tad more expensive than other options, the wipes are easy-to-use and effective at neutralising acidic content. Once you’re done, you can simply toss the wipe in the bin (don’t worry, they’re bio-degradable).

Paint Matching

If you’ve let bird droppings bond with your bodywork for too long, their corrosive compounds may harden and fuse onto the surface, resulting in fractured paint or a nasty topical stain. These unsightly scars can’t be resolved with a simple clean, so it’s best to get a professional involved.

A reputable auto body repairer can use a high-tech camera to identify your paint’s precise colour code through a process called paint matching. The technician then blends in a suitable substitute with the rest of the panel to achieve a flawless finish.

How Brighton Panel Works Can Help

If caked-on droppings have left a nasty fracture or stain on your beloved automobile, we’re here to help. Our state-of-the-art paint matching service will get your car looking good as new or even better than ever before.

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