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What is paintless dent removal?

Paintless dent removal is a less invasive form of bodywork repair. When done well, it returns your car to that “good as new” showroom finish. There are no marks or fluctuations in the bodywork and the paint surface is as smooth as the day it rolled out of the factory doors.

While “dingmen” have been around since the invention of the automobile, up until the 1980s, paintless dent removal and repair technicians were only found on the assembly lines of major auto manufacturers, where they were responsible for inspecting body panels and using basic tools to repair any damage that occurred during assembly.

Today, paintless dent removal is one of the fastest growing auto repair service areas in Melbourne, particularly with the rise of new technologies and tools. Instead of simply replacing panels, new adhesives in glue-pulling and new tool lines are becoming a viable alternative, and the increase in skill levels means paintless auto dent removal technicians are now able to carry out larger and more complex repairs than ever before.

How does paintless dent removal work?

The two main methods of paintless dent removal and repair are:

  • A technician pulls a dent out from in front by first attaching round discs to different parts of the dented bodywork. Rods are then attached to the discs and by pulling these sharply forward, the bodywork “pops” back into position.
  • A technician pushes the dent from behind using a magnetic ball that is attached to a long handle. Fluorescent lighting is shone onto the dented surface, which has a tracer placed on it to determine where the roller ball on the other side is located. The technician pushes carefully on the magnetic ball, while watching the dented surface flex and move, until the smooth surface is restored.

What are the advantages of paintless auto dent removal?

  • Faster than the traditional route of replacing panels
  • Less expensive
  • Allows the owner to save an original OEM part on their vehicle
  • Helps to maintain the vehicle’s original value
  • Less liability for the auto repair shop because vehicles don’t have to be stored in the shop while waiting on a vehicle part

Why choose Brighton Panel Works?

Brighton Panel Works is Melbourne’s prestige motor vehicle repairer, specialising in paintless auto dent removal, panel beaters and smash repairs. Our Melbourne team of highly trained and experienced paintless dent removal technicians understand that your vehicle requires particular care not only to its body, but also to every electronic inclusion, safety device and design element.

We are experienced in repairing all prestige car models,including Range RoverAudiVolkswagenLexusVolvoPorscheMercedes and BMW. Our clients come from all across

Our clients come from all across Melbourne, including Hampton, Glen Iris, Toorak, Armadale, Malvern, Brighton, Elwood, Elsternwick, Bentleigh East, Moorabbin, Clayton, Highett and more.

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