What to Look Out For When Choosing A Reliable Panel Beater

Finding a good panel beater isn’t as straightforward as you might think. The auto repair industry in Australia is full of shady operators who’ll either perform a lacklustre service or rip you off outright. But that’s not to say all panel beaters are dodgy. There are still a number of honest and hardworking businesses out … Continued

5 Most Common Car Parts that Damage in Accidents

As careful as we are as drivers, from time to time, our vehicles can be involved in an accident, caused by others or ourselves. The type of damage will vary from dings and scratches to the more severe dents and crushed metal. No matter who or what causes the damage, there are five common areas … Continued

What You Need To Know About Hail Damage Insurance Claims

In recent years, the local climate has experienced some severe weather conditions such as the freak hailstorms that swept through Sydney. Hailstones bigger than golf balls rained down on streets causing damage to property and vehicles. Sadly, this sort of weather is becoming all too common and even in a hailstorm that was not as … Continued

FAQs On Choosing A Custom Number Plate For Your Car

Grabbing a custom license plate is the ultimate way to personalise your ride. You could have all the coolest mods in the world, but nothing will make it more truly yours, than that cheeky six-character message on your number plate. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a custom license plate for your car. … Continued

3 Important Tips for Extending Your Car’s Paint Life

Keeping the paintwork of your car looking as good as the day it came out of the factory, can be a challenge. Weather conditions such as hail can leave dents in the bodywork, grit and dirt kicked up by other drivers can cause dings and scratches, not to mention airborne packages left by the local … Continued

How Does A Not-At-Fault Insurance Claim Work

No matter how good of a driver you think you are, you could still be involved in a car crash. A momentary lapse of concentration, poor driving conditions, or mechanical failure could see you careening into another vehicle in an instant. Or more likely still, you could be involved in a Not-At-Fault accident, through absolutely … Continued

Hybrid Technology And The Future of Electric Cars

The global transportation sector is going through a period of rapid transition. Although Automated Driving Systems will take some time to perfect, Electric Cars are finally on the cusp of becoming mainstream. But there’s one lesser-known contender whose eco-credentials remain strong, and who still represents superb value for money in 2018 – the humble hybrid. … Continued

Are Women The Driving Force Behind Luxury Car Sales Now?

Australia is the lucky country. Despite a sharp contraction in the mining sector, our economy continues to grow at a steady rate which leaves the luckiest among us a bit of extra cash to splash out on luxury goods. And one of those luxuries has always been the high-end car: the ultimate status symbol and … Continued

Best AWD Cars of 2018

An All-Wheel Drive (AWD) is a car which delivers power to all four wheels at the same time. Traditionally, cars are 2WD, being either front or rear-wheel drive. Although, an all-wheel drive system is more complex, and therefore slightly more expensive, the performance benefits that you gain are huge. The added traction means you can … Continued

Top 10 Fantastic Christmas Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Christmas, a time of joy, celebration, and huge amounts of stress trying to find the perfect gifts for friends, colleagues and loved ones. Gift giving for car enthusiasts can make this even harder, being very particular about their cars. This list has been created to help you get out of your imaginative rut, and give … Continued

Top Tips for First Time Car Owners

Buying your first car is a huge milestone; it is a big financial investment and the memory of your very first car will stay with you forever. The first time you own a car, you are starting a new chapter in life; opening a door full of responsibilities that come with running a car. If … Continued

Is Self-Parking Technology for You?

Parking is one of the biggest concerns for drivers. Thankfully, more cars today include “Self-parking” technology. But, it this a help or hindrance?   Basically, most parking systems engage when slow down below a set speed, usually less than 20km/h. The driver then sets the system on so it looks for spaces.  When it finds … Continued

What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

Just like the way we dress and how we decorate our homes, our choice of car colour says a lot about our personality. It is a form of expression that is unique to each of our identities. Black cars Very sophisticated but without being a show off, black is the colour of luxury and class … Continued

4 Misunderstood Victorian road rules explained

WE explain some some key road rules you MAY not fully be aware of – and the consequences you could face by breaking them!

Road rules explained

How not to over-pay your next car

When making a new car purchase, price is a major consideration. For many, the thought of talking price with a car salesman is a daunting experience. Even after agreeing on a price – many new car owners ask themselves “Did I pay too much?” Sadly, people who don’t know much about cars can be the … Continued

An app to help reduce petrol prices

There is an app for everything and motorists are taking advantage of many fuel price apps that are currently available. 7-Eleven launched its Fuel App in March 2016 and claims to have saved motorists more than $1 million on fuel purchases. The 7-Eleven Fuel App allows you to search your five nearest stores to find … Continued

Petrol Price

9 funny yet interesting car facts

We love cars! Here’s some interesting facts that we’ve unearthed that you may enjoy! Have you ever wondered where the name “Dashboard” came from? It was actually first a plank of wood that went across the front of a horse drawn carriage to prevent the riders getting spattered with mud from the dashing horses hooves. … Continued

Revealed! What women want in a car!

It’s no secret that women are now major purchasers of cars. Thankfully, it appears that car manufacturers have realised this and are aiming their marketing towards women. Today we are seeing more features that accommodating their needs. There are two vehicle segments that have been incredibly popular with female buyers: Compact city cars that feature … Continued

Homer Simpsons’ car comes to life!

Remember the episode of “The Simpsons” when Homer was given free reign to design his ideal car? Well, this animation creation has been bought to real life.

Three car trends to expect in 2017

Every year we see huge innovations in our cars and we can thank technology for many of these. So, what will the big trends for cars be in 2017? Let’s take a little look. Cars will be stronger Many manufacturers are looking to improve the body work of their cars so that they can better … Continued

2017 car trends
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