Whether you’ve had a minor car park nick or a full-blown dent-inducing crunch, a skilled automotive repair company can restore the original aesthetics of your car. The hard part is working out who’s right for you and your ride.

Vehicle repair companies vary widely in terms of professionalism and price—not all local operators will deliver acceptable results. In this post, we provide six actionable tips to help you choose the perfect provider for you.

Consider Specialisations

If you’ve got a prestige vehicle, you need to look for a repair company that specialises in (or has extensive experience with) your make and model. Vintage cars, for example, have unique requirements that only a specialist repair professional can fulfil. High-value vehicles also have different repair and touch-up needs, so it’s essential to ascertain whether your preferred provider is up to the job.

Specialisation isn’t quite as crucial if you’re driving a more common (low to moderate-value) car. Nonetheless, you still need to factor in their experience and reputation.

Seek Someone with Experience

Regardless of the car you drive, it’s worth contracting an experienced automotive repair company who knows their stuff. Although they may charge a higher hourly rate, a veteran repair specialist will achieve better results in a shorter timeframe—they may even work out cheaper in the long run.

Check the “About Us” section of potential providers to determine how long they’ve been in business. Aim for someone who’s been honing their craft for decades rather than a budding upstart. If you need specialist work such as a paint matching service, then look for a company with proven experience in the field.

Research Their Reputation

This is the tricky bit: sorting the wheat from the chaff. You’ll find a dizzying array of competing repair specialists and panel beaters in Melbourne and beyond, but not all deliver reasonable results. In fact, some fly-by-night operators charge customers an exorbitant amount for substandard—or even unnecessary—repairs.

Ask your friends, family, and co-workers for a recommendation first. Next, jump onto Google or Facebook and start perusing reviews. While the occasional negative feedback is inevitable for any business, a reputable provider will have an overwhelmingly positive score. As a rule of thumb, aim for companies with an average score of 4 stars or more. Also, check that your repair specialist of choice is accredited with all the relevant automotive licenses and certifications.

Insist on a Detailed Quote

A reputable automotive repair specialist will provide an in-depth quote that outlines all the required work and offers a realistic cost estimate. However, bear in mind that the repair shop can’t give this information until after they’ve done a thorough assessment to determine the extent of the damage.

Take the time to comb through the fine print and clarify any concerns should they arise. A trustworthy repair specialist will be happy to explain every aspect of their quote. If you feel that the quote has insufficient details or the repair company appears elusive, it’s probably time to look elsewhere.

Look for a Guarantee

A guarantee is a sure-fire indication an automotive repair company stands by the quality of their workmanship. If you can’t find the relevant information on their website, call the office to determine the details. As paint and body work don’t involve wear and tear on moving parts, the best companies can confidently offer a lifetime guarantee on their work.

Should a potential option offer a limited (i.e., one or two year) guarantee, look elsewhere. Independent (including mobile) auto repair providers usually fail to match the warranty of established, brick-and-mortar companies because they lack high-tech equipment.

Look for a Replacement Vehicle

The auto repair process can take some time, and the top providers are typically booked out for weeks. As a result, you might be waiting a while until you’re back behind the wheel.

Do you have a backup vehicle you can use to commute and run essential household chores? If not, then you’ll need a replacement vehicle. While you can always hire a car in the interim, sorting out a rental is a hassle and a significant additional expense. Choosing a vehicle repair specialist who offers a replacement vehicle at no extra cost can save you money and stress.

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