With so many road rules about, you can be forgiven for not knowing them all.

Here are some key road rules you MAY not fully be aware of – and the consequences you could face by breaking them!

Road rule 1: What happens to people who travel below the speed limit while driving in the right hand lane of a highway or freeway?

Road users must travel in the left hand lane or as far left as practical on the road.

Penalty: You will receive a $152 fine for failing to keep left. But if you fail to keep as far left as practical while travelling on a stretch of road – you’ll be fined and also lose two demerit points.

Road rule 2: Is it OK for cyclists to ride into the middle of the intersection before the lights turn green to get a head start of the cars?

No, cyclists can’t leave the intersection until the traffic lights turn green. Cyclists must also leave the intersection as quickly as possible.

Penalty: Cyclists who fail to leave an intersection as soon as possible cop a $379 fine. Those who don’t stop at a red light face a $303 fine.

Road rule 3: What happens if I am pulled over by police for having a BAC of more than 0.05 while cycling?

Police don’t have the power to breath-test cyclists. However, they can charge riders if they suspect them of being drunk.

Penalty: Depending on how intoxicated the cyclist is, he or she can be charged with being drunk while in charge of a carriage. This attracts a maximum penalty of two months jail and a $1134.20 fine. They could also receive an on the spot fine of $57.

Road rule 4: Can I flash drivers with my headlights to warn them of police or speed cameras ahead?

Yes you can. It is not against the law to flash your headlights to warn other drivers of police or speed cameras in the area. However, drivers can be nabbed for failing to dip their headlights.

Penalty: A $228 fine and loss of one demerit point.

Additional information: Kara Irving, Herald Sun.

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