Picture this: you are walking up to your car in the parking lot as usual, only to spot a dent in the bodywork that was not there before. Even if you do not consider yourself a passionate “car person”, finding a dent in your car is not a pleasant feeling. It negatively impacts your car’s overall appearance and can also lower its resale value, so what you need to do next is get it fixed.

The most convenient way you can do this is by looking at paintless dent removal in Melbourne. Paintless dent removal is a less invasive form of bodywork repair that can remove dents, creases, and dings from your car, leaving it as good as new. You can find out more about this type of car repair through the six important facts below.

1- It doesn’t require paintwork

Traditional dent removal involves the placement of fillers into the dent cavity. It is then followed by sanding, paint matching, and finally a paint job to hide the repair. However, the technology behind paintless dent removal allows the dented bodywork to be coaxed back into place without the need for fillers and a new coat of paint.

Therefore, after a paintless dent removal job, you can expect your car’s paint surface to look as smooth and flawless as it was originally.

2 – It follows shape memory

Curious about how paintless dent removal actually works? When the different metal parts of your car are made at the factory, they are programmed into a specific shape. Even when a dent has been knocked into your car, the metal wants to follow this shape.

The techniques behind paintless dent removal take advantage of this factor. A skilled technician can restore the damaged part to its original shape, either by sharply pulling the dent out from the front using discs and rods, or by carefully pushing the dent from behind using a magnetic ball.

3 – It is a cost-efficient option

One of the biggest reasons why car owners decide against getting repairs done is the cost factor. If the repair is too expensive, you may feel inclined to just put up with the dent instead – this is especially the case with those who drive older cars. However, paintless dent removal is a lot cheaper than traditional repairs, making it a much more accessible option for all.

4 – It does not take too long

When you send your car in for a paintless dent removal, you do not need to worry about it staying in the workshop for a long period of time. The whole procedure can be completed in a matter of hours, although of course this depends on the level of the damage inflicted. For example, in the case of very extensive damage, you may need to leave your car at the workshop for one or two days. However, you should consider that this would likely take a week or more with a traditional repair.

5 – It offers a permanent solution

There is a common misconception that paintless dent removal is not a long-lasting or permanent solution. The reality is that when you opt for paintless dent removal, the damaged panel will retain the same level of strength as before. It will not pop or cave back in over time. Moreover, if you choose a reputable auto repair services provider to do the paintless dent removal for you, they will be happy to help you if you face any issues afterwards.

6 – It is suitable for bigger dents too

Another frequently-heard myth is that paintless dent removal is only a viable solution for small dents and dings. In actual fact, you can opt for paintless dent removal to repair medium to large dents of various shapes as well. Of course, you need to ensure that you have engaged the services of highly trained professionals who have the skills and experience to carry out the job for you.

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