Depending on where you live, you could face any number of severe seasonal weather and natural disaster threats. Hail and wind damage can cause billions of dollars of damage each year to both crops and vehicles.

Hail can cause severe damage to top surfaces of your car such as your hood, roof, trunk lid and glass. Even though many natural disasters can happen at a moment’s notice, it’s important to bear in mind the different ways to protect you and your car during a storm.

Here are 6 essential tips on how to handle wind and hail damage to your vehicle.

1) Find Covered Parking

If you’re driving and find yourself caught in a hail storm, it could be best to try and find shelter as soon as possible. Be sure to use the GPS in your car or cell phone to find the nearest covered location for you.

Keep a look-out for locations such as parking garages and gas stations for effective cover.

2) Use Blankets or Hail Car Cover

You may not be able to find shelter during a hail storm when driving, so it could be vital to cover your car with blankets or a hail car cover to avoid dents and dings. Several retailers sell hail blankets or sturdy car tents to protect your car – even for just portions of it, like the hood and roof – from storm damage. These may not stop all dent and dings from occurring on your car but they will reduce the damage and help save you money on repairs.

3) Check The Weather

Before you leave home in your car, it’s important to check the weather for any severe storms in your area. This is the easiest way for you to be prepared for any adverse weather conditions like hail or strong winds.

If there is a chance of hail, be sure to find a covered parking spot at work, or to make sure to park in the garage at home.

4) Get Insurance Coverage

If you live in a location where it typically hails, be sure to have comprehensive or rental insurance just in case you find yourself in a hail storm. Hail damage from storms could cost you upwards of around $5,000.

Most insurance providers don’t allow changes to deductibles immediately before, during or after natural disasters. Be sure to check your coverages monthly, quarterly or yearly. The worst time to check your coverage is when a storm is hitting.

Without insurance, you will not only be stuck with a high bill and left out of pocket, but will also be left without your car for a few days.

5) Stay Up to Date and in Your Car

It’s vital that you stay safe during a hail storm. Always stay protected by not leaving your vehicle unless it’s necessary, as hail can cause serious bodily damage.

Be sure to listen to weather reports to stay updated on what’s going on with the storm. Staying away from danger and sheltered from the storm allows you to protect yourself and make good decisions when necessary.

6) Choose an Auto Body Shop

When it comes to reporting the claim, and getting your car back ready to use again, familiarising yourself and choosing an auto body repair shop in your area will save you time and money.

Be sure to choose a repair shop that offers highly trained service staff specific to your vehicle, as well as up-to-date tools and equipment. Be sure to ask friends and family for any nearby recommendations. 

Adverse weather conditions such as wind and hail damage to your vehicle can be a severe inconvenience. It’s important to always be prepared for wind and hail to help protect yourself from any harm and long term damage. For paintless dent removal in Melbourne and hail damage car repair, get in touch with the experienced team at Brighton Panel Works for trusted body repairs, servicing Melbourne’s inner city and bayside precincts. Established in 1964, Brighton Panel Works is a proudly independent, family-owned and family-operated vehicle repair specialist, offering quality repairs and services from start to finish.