There are many things to consider when preparing to buy your first new car. You may have already conducted countless hours of research on all the models you’re interested in and saved enough money by driving a used hand-me-down in need of paintless dent removal in Melbourne for the last couple of years. Alas, the time has finally come to visit the car dealer to purchase your first brand-new car. Before you bring your brand-new baby home however, check out these 7 essential tips to buying your first new car.

1. Test Drive Elsewhere

Driving your potential choice of new car can be deemed a rather essential part of the shopping process however, it may be better to separate your test drive from where you decide to purchase. Plenty of manufacturers and dealer groups now subsidise test drives at auto shows, where it’s always a great time to try something out without the pressure of buying on the day. Be sure to follow the manufacturers you’re interested in on social media and sign up for their newsletters where possible. This is the best way to preview certain events happening where you can test drive the car in a more relaxed environment.

2. Get Pre-Approved For Finance

If you’re shopping for your first new car, there can be plenty of advertisements for your dream car teasing you, with a rate as low as 0%. This rate most likely for a first-time buyer however, will not be available to you more often than not, unless your credit-rating is certified gold-plated. Be sure to have an understanding of how much money you can afford to borrow before you end up having to pay a rate you can’t afford. Establishing a realistic budget for yourself will give you an idea of how much you can afford per month with regards to car payments, fuel, car insurance, as well as maintenance and repair costs.  

3. Get Quotes From The Internet

Getting information from your car dealership has never been easier. Websites and apps that you can use from home, help you find the cars you’re interested in and contact the dealer directly for a quote. Be sure to access as much information as possible with these tools at your disposal to make the most educated decision when buying your first new car. 

4. Avoid Swap Deals

If you’re looking to purchase your first new car with a used car, you could be losing out on quite a bit of cash. If your used car is in bad condition and in need of smash repairs in Melbourne, or has a lot of mileage on its belt, it’s going to be of little value to a new car dealer. It’s a guarantee that if you have an old used car you want to get rid of, you’re going to get more money for it if you sell the car yourself.

5. Service Your Current Car

Servicing your current hand-me-down car at the specific car dealership you’re looking to purchase from may be a great way to get an amazing offer. Once you’ve made a decision on your purchase, be sure to sign up for the car dealership’s newsletter where you can obtain service coupons for an oil change for less than what you would pay to change the oil yourself. Once you’re servicing your current car, many dealerships will make you an offer for a car right then and there. Be sure you’re prepared with how much your car is worth, how much finance you’re approved for and your own research ahead of time. You could quite easily be driving home with your first new car by the time your car service has finished.

6. Determine Your Transportation Needs

You may think you need the latest Mini Convertible or off-road demon as your new car however, to get you from A to B, day in and day out, it may not be necessary. Alternatively, you may think you need a mini-van or pick-up truck for all of your stuff but in reality, you will only need a vehicle that large if you’re moving house. Given the cost of living, fuel, insurance and parking, be sure to consider only buying what you need and renting everything else.  

7. Enjoy The Process

Buying your first new car can seem like an ordeal however, it’s actually more pleasant than you think. Even if you have no interest or passion for cars, due to the large variety of options available and relatively low financing rates, there are hundreds of amazing cars to choose from and your choices have never been better. Buying your first new car has never been so rewarding than in today’s market, so be sure to take your time in the process to ensure that you’re nothing but delighted with the outcome.  

Buying your first new car can be an incredibly exciting yet challenging experience that you’ll never forget. That’s why it’s vital that you know how to be a good first-time buyer because buying your first new car is definitely worth doing well. With over 50 years of experience in prestige motor vehicle repairs, get in touch with Brighton Panel Works for trusted body repairs, servicing Melbourne’s inner city and bayside precincts.