Grabbing a custom license plate is the ultimate way to personalise your ride. You could have all the coolest mods in the world, but nothing will make it more truly yours, than that cheeky six-character message on your number plate.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a custom license plate for your car.

How Much Will It Cost?

It really depends where you live. Some states charge just over a hundred dollars, while others could cost more than that per year. The most sought-after combinations are really expensive and could cost a bit of a dent in your hip pocket.

It also depends on whether you want personalised (limited combinations) versus customised (unlimited combinations) plates. You’ve got to factor in the series as well, which dictates the colour and design.

Check out the official government registration website of your state for more details: ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA.

What Kind of Designs Can You Get?

Again, it depends on the state you live in. Most have at least a dozen or so cool combinations to choose from. Designs range from bright pink to retro themes and frangipanis to zodiac signs, so you’ll be sure to find something you like.

Is My Plate Of Choice Available?

You’ll need to consult the government registration website of your home state to answer that one.

However, if it’s a common name or phrase in one of our more populous states, then it’s pretty much guaranteed to be taken. The good news is you could probably find an alternative by using a combination of numbers in place of letters or vice versa.

For example, H4RRY looks pretty close to HARRY. With a little creativity, the possibilities are seemingly limitless.

How Many Characters Does It Have To Be?

Six is the standard number in Australia. However, it is possible to opt for less, although you’ll likely end up paying a lot more. Some thrifty plate enthusiasts put random numbers on the end to save cash, i.e., H4RRY111.

Can I Change The Size Of My Car Plate?

You can indeed. Depending on the state, there are two to four different sizes to choose from. Keep in mind, however, that there isn’t a huge difference between the sizes. For example, Queensland offers the following:

  • 134mm x 372mm
  • 100mm x 372mm
  • 155mm x 305mm

Can I Keep My Old Plates?

Absolutely not. Once you’ve got your shiny new customized plate in hand, you’ll need to surrender your old license plate to your state’s registration service or you’ll cop a nasty fine. You’ve usually got about seven days to do so.

Can I Buy Someone Else’s Custom Plates?

Purchasing a custom number plate off another person is permitted, so long as you’re both registered in the same state. You’ll need to pay whatever fee both parties agree on, plus all the relevant government charges.

Can I Put A Custom Plate On My Taxi?

Unfortunately not. Certain service vehicles such as taxis, buses, and tow trucks aren’t allowed to use custom license plates. You’ll just have to express your individuality elsewhere.

Can I Write Something Edgy?

There’s a strict set of guidelines that govern what combinations you can use, so don’t even think about writing something rude. Anything discriminatory, vulgar, inappropriate, violent, or that references a government body or poor road safety is a no-no.

And yes, those registry bureaucrats will definitely notice if you try to hide crude words with numbers.

Custom license plates are all the rage these days, so grab one quick to avoid missing out on that precious on-road esteem. The only downside is that it could result in a jealousy induced prang, in which case the professional team at Brighton Panel Works will sort you out in a jiffy.