In Australia, rear-end collisions – where a vehicle crashes into another one in front of it – have increased over the years and now account for a third of all crashes nationally, says an analysis by insurer AAMI. When proper control is not maintained over a vehicle, rear-end collisions occur.

Following most vehicle crashes, we usually ring for our insurance providers before taking a trip to the nearest smash repairs shop in Melbourne. But more often than not, we dismiss the scrapes and dings as trivial issues. Unfortunately, many of these so-called minor accidents have the potential to cause hidden damages that can risk the safety of you and your loved ones in the future.

In this article, we share some hidden problems that are caused by rear-end collisions.

Suspension problems

Your car suspension is extremely important for vehicle control and a smooth ride. It provides traction by keeping your wheels on the ground as much as possible. Unfortunately, rear-end collisions damage the frame of your car, affecting the suspensions. Since most car bumpers are made of plastic, the impact of a crash can go through the bumper and into the frame, causing it to bend. The stress that is then placed on the suspension system of the car would result in an accelerated wear out rate. A failing suspension system can lead to difficulty in steering the wheel or applying brakes, hence reducing your ability to stop the car quickly.

Boot damage

If you were in a rear-end accident, besides the dings on your bumper, you might notice some damage to the boot of your car as well. While this may not affect the function of the vehicle itself, it can present a safety issue in the long run. Even the smallest impact to the back of your car can affect the mechanisms that help it to stay closed and open easily. When the locking system is compromised, you may experience difficulty accessing your boot. A damaged boot with latch issues can even cause your boot to open unexpectedly, even while driving. When left unfixed, this damage is not only a risk of distraction while driving, but it can also create a dangerous situation for those around you.

Alignment problems

Alignment issues are a common result of most types of accidents. If your vehicle starts pulling or drifting to one side as you drive, along with unusual vibrations, your car alignment may be off. Misaligned wheels will cause uneven tire wear and poor traction which interferes with your ability to swerve when necessary. As your tires drag instead of roll, and your brakes prematurely wear, fuel efficiency would be significantly reduced as well.

Electrical damage

You may also sustain some electrical damage even in minor collisions, which can cause wires to come loose. Often going unnoticed, this malfunction can impact your brake lights, speaker, tail lights and even battery life. While other drivers may be able to see when a vehicle is slowing down or stopping in front of them, this may not always be possible under poor visibility conditions, such as night time or rain. Besides causing malfunction to these electrical features, auto accidents can shift your battery as well – affecting inner cells and lead plates. Due to this shift, you might be left stranded with a dead battery when you least expect it.

Transmission issues

An automatic transmission plays a critical role in your vehicle. The transmission fluid exerts force and pressure alongside the engine to keep your vehicle moving ahead. This could mean serious problems in accidents with rear-wheel drive (RWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles, where transmission components are located in the rear. Common warning signs of damage to this system include leaking transmission fluid, poor acceleration, as well as grinding or shaking sensations when shifting gears.

Delaying the repairs and maintenance required to correct these problems could result in further issues and risks with your vehicle as well as safety. If you’re on the hunt for paintless dent removal in Melbourne, paint matching services, or smash repairs in Brighton, look no further than Brighton Panel Works. Our specialist team has been servicing prestige cars in the greater Melbourne area for over 50 years. To find out more, get in touch with our experts!