A common misconception is that getting into a vehicle accident is the only way to damage one’s car. Although true in most cases, this is not always the case. Oftentimes stray branches from thunderstorms and other natural disasters like hailstorms are also responsible for causing dents to your car. That being said, how can you possibly prevent all these harms to your vehicle? Well, the answer is you can’t.  Almost every vehicle is bound to take a few dings in its time. This is where you would have the option of approaching any auto repair in Brighton to fix up dents.

However, if you find yourself confused with the options available such as traditional dent removal as opposed to the more contemporary paintless dent removal (PDR) method, we have compiled some information on both options. Before carrying on, it is imperative to bear in mind that regardless of the information presented, vehicle owners are encouraged to first consult local professionals. Based on varying circumstances, these specialists would be able to best guide you through services involving traditional or paintless dent removal in Melbourne.


The overview

Traditional technique

This is used to remove dents by sanding down the area prior to pounding the damage back into a resemblance of its former self. Following this, a body filler will be used to fill in the remaining gaps. Another round of sanding would ensue along with the reapplication of paint coat with a primer and base as well as a final coating. Previously, this option was commonly used during the times when car paints were not flexible enough to allow for PDR—which isn’t the case anymore. Due to its immense labour, this technique has been known to be costly while taking more than a week to be completed.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

On the other hand, PDR is an option which includes the removal of a dent without stripping the paint coat off the car. This is done by manipulating the affected area using specialized tools. A straight light-tool is then used to ensure the surface of the car’s body remains symmetrical. This procedure typically costs lesser and may even be completed in a couple of hours.


Which Option Should I Go For?

Here are some factors that could influence the choice of procedures for your vehicle: 

Traditional paint removal

Traditional dent repairs are to be considered when damages are too severe to allow for PDR. Specifically, damages involving stretched metal or scratched paint are conditions irreparable with PDR. Sharp dents formed at certain locations like the braced hoods, edges of panels or at the quarter panel opening lips would require traditional means of repair.

Paintless dent repair

PDR is a favoured selection due to its time saving and cost-effective means. Typically used on cases involving dents or creases, experts have conveyed an estimated 80-90% of vehicle reparation to fall under the domain of this procedure.


Benefits Of PDR Compared To Traditional Dent Removal

  1. Preservation of the vehicle’s originality. The more repainting and bodywork done, the higher the deviation of a car when compared to factory released conditions, causing its market resell value to decrease considerably. PDR allows for the maintenance of appearance value.
  2. Car owners would be able to save time as a result of the shorter process involved.
  3. This option is cost-effective due to the lesser labour work, material, instruments and time used.
  4. Most body shop repairs are working towards adopting an environmentally conscious collective. PDR ticks this box as it does not require repainting. With the lack of chemicals released by paint fumes, harmful effects on the environment and staff health may be reduced.

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