Every year we see huge innovations in our cars and we can thank technology for many of these. So, what will the big trends for cars be in 2017? Let’s take a little look.

Cars will be stronger

Many manufacturers are looking to improve the body work of their cars so that they can better absorb impacts. As part of their mission to stop anybody from dying in their cars by 2020, we know that Volvo is working on right now. As materials develop, car frames will get stronger, and stud welding services will adapt to new standards.

Headlights are going to become smart

We all know that computers are getting smaller and making their ways into new aspects of our daily lives. Headlights are no exception.

Audi is working on a high-beam technology that avoids blinding oncoming drivers. And Volvo is making their headlight swivel as the driver turns the wheel. This idea here is that when cornering, the driver will be able to see more of the road.

LED is entering the mass market. Models like the Ford Focus will soon come with LED lights that were only seen on luxury models just a few years ago.

Electric vehicles: What are the trends?

Electric vehicle trends continue.Manufacturers are producing more all-electric and hybrid vehicle models than ever. Ford announced plans recently to produce 13 electrified models by 2020. Mercedes will make 10 by 2025. Volkswagen, which is out to prove its environmental fortitude after the diesel emissions scandal, has 30 of them in the works.

One motivator for more electric vehicles is that the distances they can travel on a single charge has increased substantially in just a few years.

What do you think will be the biggest trend in vehicle in 2017? Let us know below.

Additional information: Littlegate Publishing

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