Getting into a car accident can be a terrifying and stressful experience. If your vehicle is damaged, it will need to be repaired. When visiting your vehicle smash repair specialist, it is important to ask certain questions to make it as easy as possible and to know that your vehicle is in the right hands for repair. We have collated a list of questions that you can ask to help get yourself back in the driver’s seat.


Is my car a write-off?

After an accident, it is important to understand whether your vehicle can be repaired or if it is a complete write-off. If a vehicle has been damaged, it can usually be repaired. However, sometimes the cost of repairs may be more expensive than the value of the car itself. It is at this point that insurance companies would consider it as a loss and write the car off.


How long will this take?

Every repair job is different, so each will take a different amount of time. Mechanics or repair centres will be able to give you an idea of how long it will take to repair your vehicle, after taking a look at the extent of the damage.


Will my car still be as safe as it was when new?

Vehicle repairs after a collision are much better than they were many years ago. This is because of the rapid development of new technology and machinery to help restore your vehicle to its original state. This technology has allowed vehicle repair services to restore the structural integrity of the vehicle ensuring it is as safe as possible.


How do I get my insurance company involved?

Making sure that your insurance company is kept in the loop about the nature of your accident and also your vehicle repairs after a collision is vital. This is to ensure that the insurance company will cover the costs of your repair. Some repair centres have on-site insurance claims processing which can help you contact your insurance there and then, saving you time and hassle. Asking your vehicle repair centre if they have this option is a good idea, but if do not, it is important to get all the details you will need to pass on to the insurance company.


Can you match my paint colour?

As different car brands have different shades and tones of their paint colours, you may be worried about them matching the correct colour. Nowadays, however, most vehicle repair shops have customised computer paint systems that can colour match your car perfectly. Therefore, it may be important to ask that the company you are using has this technology.


Should I get some other work done at the same time?

If you have other repairs that need to be done to your vehicle, it may be a great time to do them well you are getting your collision damage repaired. If you are considering this, it is important to ask the advice of your vehicle repair specialist to see if both jobs can be done at the same time. If they can, you can request that they keep separate lists of costs so that you can send the collision damage bill to your insurer and pay the other one yourself.

A quality vehicle repair specialist should be able these questions effectively, giving you all the relevant information and peace-of-mind to leave your vehicle safely in their hands for repair.