Just like the way we dress and how we decorate our homes, our choice of car colour says a lot about our personality. It is a form of expression that is unique to each of our identities.

Black cars

Very sophisticated but without being a show off, black is the colour of luxury and class (think James Bond in a classic black tux). It is also a great colour for not showing dirt!

White cars

White is frequently associated with simplicity and modernism; a crisp and clean colour. It is a perfect choice for someone who wants to show a modern and fresh face to the world. (Don’t worry if your fresh face is a little battered or scratched – a good car body workshop can solve that issue easily)

Red cars

Red is associated with force and personality – ideal for someone who wants to make the most of life and opportunities. This person is full of ambition and definitely a go-getter. If this is you, and your car is currently a pale grey, you can consider a respray!

Grey cars

This is for someone who definitely does not want to stand out in the crowd but is happy to blend in. It represents caution, tradition and a balanced life.

Blue cars

Like blue skies, blue car drivers are serene and give out a sense of wellbeing. Blue is a very traditional colour, as well as a suitable shade for professionals (think navy suits or colour branding for banks and finance companies). If you choose blue as your colour, you are a well-grounded individual. You have a strong sense of what is right and can come across to other people as someone who is trustworthy.

Yellow and gold cars

These car drivers have a laid-back approach to life. They are either young or young at heart because yellow and gold are the colours of happiness and joyful living. They focus on being happy and enjoying the moment.

Orange cars

Ramping up the yellow colour to orange is not a popular choice for many car owners. This colour shows a driver who is not spendthrift and likes to get value for money. It also shows a bit of a nonchalant attitude because orange is the least favourite colour for a car in the USA.

Brown or beige cars

Call it café au lait, champagne or cappuccino, this beige coloured car represents someone who is honest, down-to-earth and is careful with the dollars and cents.

Green cars

These are the best sort of drivers to meet on the freeway because green is a very peaceful and calming colour (check out the walls of the dentist next time you go). This colour represents drivers who are patient and usually keen on supporting the environment.

Silver cars

Silver is a status colour. These metallic-coloured cars are driven by individuals who enjoy working and playing hard. It also portrays someone who is both practical and innovative.

Multi coloured cars

These drivers are one of a kind. If you want to join them and commission a unique design and colour, simply speak to one of the reputable car body and panel beaters out there today!

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