Just had a prang? Then you should think long and hard about who repairs your ride.

In recent years, Australian’s have slowly been losing their right to decide who repairs their vehicle after an accident. More and more insurers, especially budget orientated operators, are requiring their network of preferred repairers to carry out smash repair works.

However, some Aussie auto insurers still do allow you to choose your repairer. Here’s why that choice matters.

Insurance Companies Will Do What Is In Their Best Interests, Not Yours

Chances are your insurer will try to pressure you into using their preferred repairer or a shop owned by the Insurer. Some might not even disclose you have the right to choose your favourite shop.  And that’s because it’s in an insurance company’s best interests to get your car fixed at one of their preferred repairers.

But it’s not necessarily the best option for you.

Insurance companies negotiate favourable deals with their preferred repairers. In return for providing dozens of new clients each year, the insurance company may receive discounted rates, extra inclusions, and all sorts of other perks. The entire process is streamlined as well, which cuts down on their administration costs.

Going with a preferred repairer is an obvious choice for the insurance company. So much so, they won’t even consider the myriad of other factors that could make the preferred repairer an unsuitable option for you.

The Insurer’s Repairer Could be in an Inconvenient Location

Insurance companies usually only work with one preferred repairer in each city or region so they can negotiate the best possible deal. As a result, a preferred insurer probably won’t be anywhere near your home or office. In fact, chances are it’ll be way over on the other end of town. And that will cost you several hours of your life and a pricey taxi fare when it comes time to collect.

If you opt to choose your own repairer, then you could go with one in a convenient location so you could pop in and pick it up with minimal fuss.

The Insurer’s Repairer Could Take a Long Time

Your insurance company also won’t be too concerned with how long the repairs take. If your car is returned within a ‘reasonable’ timeframe, anywhere from a few days to a month, they won’t care how long you’ll be without transport.

Due to the high volume of work coming from insurers, preferred repairers tend to be busy. And that means they probably won’t have time to even look at your car for several days.

If you go with your own repairer, however, you might be able to find someone who can start work straight away and get your car back in a flash.

You Could Need Specialty Repairs

If you’ve got a prestige, imported, rare, or vintage car, then you can’t just take your precious ride to any old repairer. You need someone with the relevant specialty skills and experience to do a quality job. Otherwise, you could be left with a substandard repair job that depreciates the value of your car.

Again, an insurer won’t be too concerned about the condition of your prestige car. So long as their preferred repairer does a ‘reasonable’ job, they’ve lived up to their end of the bargain. Insisting on a specialty repairer will ensure your car gets fixed properly and will look good as new when you come to pick it up again. 

You Could Get a Hire Car Out Of It

Some preferred repairers won’t include a hire car. And for those that do, the vehicle on offer might not be suitable for your everyday needs.

Rather than relegating yourself to the time-consuming public transport system, you might be better off opting for your own repairer if they include a courtesy car.

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