We love cars! Here’s some interesting facts that we’ve unearthed that you may enjoy!

  1. Have you ever wondered where the name “Dashboard” came from? It was actually first a plank of wood that went across the front of a horse drawn carriage to prevent the riders getting spattered with mud from the dashing horses hooves.
  2. Toyota is currently the biggest car manufacturer in the world, churning out up to 13,000 cars per day. At the other end of the manufacturing scale is Ferrari. The exclusive sports car maker only produces 14 cars per day, that’s one way of ensuring that their cars are always in demand!
  3. Cars were seen as the “green” alternative of transportation in the early 20th century because horses were causing so much pollution with their poop.
  4. Driving at around 95km/h, it would take around 6 months to “Drive to the moon. But for the ultimate family vacation, it would take more than 150 years for a car to drive to the sun.
  5. 75% of cars that Rolls-Royce has ever produced are still on the road today.
  6. There are over 1.2 billion vehicles on the roads today, and by 2035 there may be over 2 billion.  To keep up with the demand for new cars, about 165,000 cars are produced each day.
  7. The “new car smell” is composed of over 50 volatile organic compounds—none of which are toxic.
  8. In Los Angeles, there are more cars than people.
  9. 95% of a car’s lifetime is spent parked.

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